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[back to portfolio] Data Logger & System Controller Software

Here is an example of a custom PC software application. The brief was to develop data logging and control software for a pollution monitoring application. The software is used by a leading U.K. University for an international research project.

Culver consultancy was responsible for the design and development of the software.

The resulting application, which runs under MS Windows 2000™, controls three pieces of equipment:

  • Eco Physics Nitrogen Oxide analyser
  • Gas mixer/calibrator unit
  • Culver Consultancy Analogue interface module

The software is designed for unattended operation, and as well as logging the gas reading, has sophisticated automatic calibration functions. The software has the expected Windows™ features, including extensive tool tips and wizards for setting up the calibration functions. The software will automatically re-establish connection with any of the external equipment, if connection is lost.


Advanced features to aid problem detection and diagnosis include detailed logging of the calibration process, communications errors and automatic generation of e-mails for error and status reports.

This software was developed on behalf of ANNOx.