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[back to portfolio] ARM Based Microprocessor Development Board

An example of electronic design – the MPE LPC2468 Power Board.

Culver Consultancy was responsible for the electronic design, we also provided firmware to test the hardware and some device drivers using the Forth language.

MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd. develop high performance compilers and development tools. They wanted to offer a high performance ARM 7 based development board to demonstrate the performance of their world-beating Forth compiler. The flexible power options and extensive connectivity make it attractive for MPE customers to use to power their projects.

Culver Consultancy took the specifications and liased with the client to meet their size, feature and price targets. Using our wide experience and design knowledge, we were able to provide insight to enhance the flexibility of the board, broadening it’s application and appeal. We produced prototypes and once these were approved by MPE, we assisted in locating a suitable manufacturing partner.

Some key engineering features of this project include:

  • USB, Ethernet and RS232C connectivity
  • Flexible power options: from 12/24V, USB 5V or user supplied 5V.
  • High resolution ADC
  • 16Mb external DRAM
  • Low level device drivers and hardware test firmware
  • Creation of full production information, including PCB Gerber files, B.O.M.s, cable drawings etc. – no supplier ‘lock-in’!

This product is sold by MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd.